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For the folks developing on ESB Applications, this should be quite a common one. Posting it for those who have get prompted for this error (actually a warning) and would want to ignore it in your Visual Studio designer. In my case, I was testing this on BizTalk 2009. It also applies to BizTalk 2010.

Error: A X509 Certificate is required in the model property ‘EncryptionCertificate’ to encrypt any sensitive property in the designer


  1. Open the file ruleset.config located at:
    Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0\Tools\Itinerary Designer\ruleset.config
  2. Navigate to the following element
    XPath: /configuration/validation/type/ruleset/properties/property
    Name: EncryptionCertificateUnder the above element comment out the validator type with name=”EncryptingCertificate validator” 

    Screen shot is as follows:
    Error with X509 Certificate using ESB 2.0

Happy coding … 8)


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