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Looking at the Microsoft home video – my initial reaction is :  clunky, over-explained, littered with instructions, and coupled with the repeated insistence that everything is “really cool”.

1. The Conductive charging plate– Text clutter and littered with intructions

2. TV Display:  Music albums collection – very cluttered

3. Digital wallpaper (Themes being applied on the whole room) .. that is cool

The digital wallpaper is surely the favourite on my list.


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Here is a handy tip/tool to update version numbers on your BizTalk solution.

Unlike .Net projects where assembly version information is stored in AssemblyInfo.cs. In BizTalk projects Assembly version is stored in .btproj files. So to change the version number you have to change it in  .btproj files

Here is a handy tool to update your version numer

Download link: Click here

Just pass in the Vs2005 solution name and the new version number.

It updates all the btproj version numbers to the new number

Happy updating 🙂

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Microsoft has divided the SharePoint capabilities into 8 categories (drawn below). Using these capabilities customers have implemented projects from collaboration to business intelligence (case studies). 


1) SharePoint in Plain English
2) SharePoint Intro 




Top 10 benefits: Click here
Case Studies     : Click here

Further Info

To analyse it further, here is a good site that demonstrates SharePoint by audience type – specially how to automate a workflow process using SharePoint. For the developer audience, click here

Hope it gives you a good overview on sharepoint..

Happy learning 🙂

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Dubai has joined the world’s elite cities for transport and convenience with the inaugural run of its urban rail network. Although some of its stations are not completed yet, the Dubai Metro is the world’s longest driverless train system with more than 70km (43 miles) of track costing around $7.6 billion. The city inaugurated this on 09 09 09 (9th Sep 2009) :)..
















I can’t wait to get back for a ride.. Enjoy 8)

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Many say the initial version of Apple’s  iPhone was the “game” changer. Here is what exactly made it happen – comparing to something that was in the “market” centuries ago..


All in good fun 🙂

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The Minnesota couple, both 28, decided to add a little flavour into their June 20 wedding day, so they choreographed a memorable entrance dance set to Chris Brown’s “Forever”


The entrance began with the bridesmaids and groomsmen then followed by the groom somersaulting his way to the altar before his bride strolled flashing her dance skills to the delight of the couple’s friends and family.

The couple’s wedding dance went viral soon after they posted it on YouTube, with more than 1 million having watched the clip.

Here it is:

To top it up, a video response came about too!   – this was hilarious (the divorce)

Happy tuning 🙂

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This document helps you understand the key technologies from Microsoft and IBM in the integration space.  It then compares and contrasts the various products and technologies.

 This document was done in 2005. I’m not sure if there is an updated study to compare the two offerings?

Document: Click here

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